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If you have a purpose or passion that you’d like to learn SAP but you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.

We’ll teach you how to understand SAP key terms, get your first SAP business process done, get certified, build momentum, and enjoy the power of SAP along the way.

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Building Your SAP Career

After 10 years, Mr. Nhat Nguyen – our Training Director and his former student reunite by chance at a SAP University Alliances event. The former student now works as a manager at SAP headquater in Germany.

Learning tech skills during your studies can support you building your career. Even better if you learn it from great teachers and professors!

SAP can be an incredibly powerful solution for 75,000 customers across 120 countries.
But for many people, start using SAP feels like a super daunting task.

Getting started on SAP is actually pretty hard.

You’ve got to overcome the fear of getting started.

You’ve got to actually be able to learn thousand of new terminology.

You’ve got to understand how everything works in SAP: Master data, T-code, Organizational Structures, Transaction Data, Integrated Business Process,… and then you need to sit down to actually figure out how to get your business processes done.

There’s so much to learn, and there are so many people out there advise you to make more effort to keep up with the era of digital transformation.

But I think everyone should tryWhy? 

Boost Your Career Path

SAP can completely change your life. It changed us.

Our instructors started their SAP career since the early 2000s, while SAP is pretty new Vietnam.

At that time, they knew absolutely nothing about SAP. They had no opportunity to learn SAP and get certified locally. Some of them were sent by their company to Singapore and Thailand to attend SAP training class and get certified. Then after thousands day of experiences in many projects across various industries, they have become the leading SAP experts in Vietnam.

Fast forward to 20 years later, and SAP Vietnam has expanded from zero to 770 customers, 39 partners with 2 SAP Authorized Education Partners and thousands of SAP consultants. With the power of SAP knowledge, many of our instructors have become CIO, CTO, ERP Director, Solution Architect, Senior Training Director,…

Learn local, Go global! Access world-class SAP training right here in Vietnam with native speakers and gain the skills to compete internationally.

What is in the course?

We genuinely look forward to every class, where our instructors share their amazing experiences with all the dynamic students, with a lot of professional, interactive and flexibility.

We get messages every day from students saying our course with SAP Certification Program helped them change their life. We’ve even organized our free SAP learning webinar bi-weekly to help SAP to be more accessible for Vietnamese, and help students get free SAP Certification Exam Vouchers.

Now, if you’re just getting started with SAP, becoming SAP Expert may sound hard to achieve, but remember at even our SAP instructors all started from zero, they are now elevating their SAP knowledge as CIO, CTO and ERP Director.

And over the last three years, we’ve helped over 50,000 people learn the power of SAP solution through our courses, webinars and sharing sessions. We are proud that we’ve helped people to overcome every possible obstacle and concern about learning SAP. 

So, by the end of our courses, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve your goal and to success in your career path along the way.

Are you ready?

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Led by experienced instructors, our program offers hands-on learning, empowering participants with essential skills for success. Enhance your career prospects and stay competitive in the job market through valuable and engaging SAP training.

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Drive success with a workforce proficient in SAP. Our tailored SAP training empowers organizations to maximize productivity and efficiency. Boost business growth by leveraging SAP’s capabilities through comprehensive, customized training solutions.

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Empower your educational institute with SAP training. Prepare students and faculty for success in the digital business landscape with essential SAP skills. Enhance educational offerings and cultivate a skilled workforce ready to tackle real-world SAP challenges.

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Led by experienced instructors, our program offers hands-on learning, empowering participants with skills for success.

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